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Braving the Elements

By 5th June 2019September 5th, 2019Exhibitions

One of the downsides to having an open-air museum is that your ‘artefacts’ are exposed to the elements and, in a subtropical climate like Durban’s, that means harsh sun, serious humidity, and sometimes, exceptionally heavy rainfall. In fact the Durban harbour, which is home to the Durban Maritime Museum, on one occasion experienced such a deluge that volunteers and staff had to rush to the rescue of the ex-SA Navy minesweeper, SAS Durban, that was taking on water.

A staff member looks on as the SAS Durban lists due to heavy rainfall
A staff member looks on as the SAS Durban lists due to heavy rainfall

Fortunately the minesweeper was berthed alongside the ex-harbour steam tug, JR More, whose support prevented it from capsizing. The SAS Durban had been barred to visitors for some time on account of the rotten condition of her decks, which allowed the rainwater to enter the ship.

Earlier this year the Maritime Museum realised that there was an urgent need for maintenance, not only of the SAS Durban, but also a number of the other exhibits that make up the museum. It thus set about restoring various vessels. Later this month the JR More will slip her moorings and set out across the harbour to the floating dock of SA Shipyards, for a much-needed hull inspection and general refit.

The harbour tug, Ulundi, also in need of some love, is being restored in situ at the museum as it’s unable to go for dry docking. New steel plates have been fitted to the tug, replacing rusted sections.

And of course there are plans in place to restore the SAS Durban to her former glory – hopefully restoration will be complete before the summer showers arrive and wreak havoc all over again!

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  • Terry Hutson says:

    The tug JR More’s journey to the dry dock in March this year was postponed at the last moment to enable the SAS Durban to go together for necessary repairs and refurbishment. It is hoped this journey will now commence this month (June)

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