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Enabling Structures: Markets of Warwick Junction

By 2nd October 2019May 4th, 2021Exhibitions

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t travel into the CBD much, you would likely still to be able identify Warwick Junction from just a snippet of an image. With its bridges soaring overhead, fantastic oversized murals, and the frenetic pace of the thousands of traders who operate in the area, there’s no mistaking Warwick for anywhere else in the world! The energy of Warwick Junction can’t be denied, but there was a time when the the authorities sought to quash it, frequently arresting or harassing the traders who were simply trying to make a living. With the change of political dispensation, the new government looked to Warwick as an ideal place of transformation and set about a process of consultation that would finally recognise the contribution the area makes to the city and its dwellers.

Clay sellers at Warwick Junction
Clay sellers at Warwick Junction

Tomorrow evening sees the opening of the exhibition, Enabling Structures: Markets of Warwick Junction. The exhibition was originally shown as part of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, Reporting from the Front, in Venice in 2016. Large-scale intricately detailed wooden models are accompanied by powerfully moving photographs and samples of wares from the various traders to paint a picture of the thriving economic and social spaces that come together to form the heart of our city.

Enabling Structures: Markets of Warwick Junction opens at 18h00 on Thursday 3rd October at the Old Court House Museum. For enquiries please contact Steven Kotze: (031) 311 2239/

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