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Exploring Durban Art Museums – Part 2

By 13th April 2021April 20th, 2021Exhibitions

Last week we explored some of Durban’s most loved art museums and highlighted just some of what the city has to offer. This week we continue with another three of Durban’s art institutions.

Phansi Museum

Phansi Museum, 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban.

The Phansi Museum boasts an impressive collection of traditional arts, crafts, and artefacts from South Africa. The museum is located in Roberts House – a colonial-style villa built in 1898 which belonged to one of the country’s first female anthropologists, Esther Roberts. Visitors can explore the museum’s fascinating collection of artefacts, including Zulu beadwork, wire baskets, earplugs, beer pots, and more. The museum also hosts a range of development programmes for children, including guitar lessons, pottery classes, arts and crafts lessons, and more.

Elizabeth Gordon Gallery

Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, 120 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban.

The Elizabeth Gordon Gallery was founded in 1976 by Elizabeth Johnstone and Gordon Lowings. Located in an old Edwardian house in the bustling Florida road, a visit to the gallery certainly makes for an exciting day. The gallery showcases works by established and emerging artists and also specialises in framing. While the gallery showcases predominantly South African artists, it also has an impressive collection of works from Mozambique, eSwatini, Zimbabwe, and Sudan.

The African Art Centre

The African Art Centre, 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban.

The African Art Centre has been around for over 50 years and specialises in promoting South African art with a particular focus on artists from KZN. Since it’s located at the same address as the Phansi Gallery, these two spaces can be visited on the same day. The centre has given many emerging artists a platform, which has enabled them to develop their craft and sell their works even in these economically precarious times. The centre focuses on traditional and contemporary art, including handcrafted ceramics, embroidery, sculpture, paintings, drawings. It also hosts an array of workshops and mentorship programmes to upskill artists and offer the KZN art community an essential platform for development and growth.

Images courtesy of the Phansi Museum, Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, and The African Art Centre.