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An integral part of museum work is the conservation of artefacts. It’s not enough simply to store something. Factors such as climate, pests and natural disasters like floods and fires all contribute to the deterioration of museum collections.

A conservator carefully handles a book

A conservator carefully handles a book

As part of their commitment to ongoing learning the South African Museum Association (SAMA) is co-hosting a series of ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops in Preventative Conservation. The first training session, which will focus on risk management, the assessment of the conditions of collections, and the handling and transportation of artefacts, takes place next month. The workshops are the result of an ongoing collaboration between SAMA and the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, the Rijksmuseum and the University of Amsterdam. Trainers include experts from the Netherlands who will share their experience in conservation with their South African counterparts.

The training will take place at the KwaMuhle Museum between the 16th and 19th July 2018, and the associated costs are R750 for SAMA members/ R1300 for non-members. Closing date for registration is the 8th June 2018.

For further information or to obtain a registration form please contact the Chair: SAMA National Training, Catherine Snel:

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