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Meeting & Program for February 2016

Denis Hurley

Denis Hurley dedicated his life to the poor, the marginalised, the abandoned and the downtrodden. He fought tirelessly for an end to apartheid, and for equality among all human beings. He truly lived the words of the Oblate Founder, St Eugene de Mazenod, who called us to lead people to be “human beings first of all, then Christians, then saints.”

Archbishop Denis Hurley was born in November 1915 and many events to celebrate the birth of this much loved and respected cleric have taken place since November 2015. The SA National Society is delighted that well known historian and friend of the Archbishop, Prof Paddy Kearney, will be our guest speaker.


Denis Hurley and the Great Dictators

A reflection on Hurley’s studies in Rome in the 1930s; by eminent historian Paddy Kearney

Paddy edited the two volume memoirs of Archbishop Hurley: “Vatican II – Keeping the Dream Alive” (2005) and “Memories” (2006) and authored the first full biography of the Archbishop, “Guardian of the Light: Denis Hurley – Renewing the Church, Opposing Apartheid” (2009) and an abridged version entitled “Truth to Power” (2012). Come and hear Paddy talk about his latest research discoveries in the period when Hurley was in Italy during the days of the Fascists.


Event Info:

Tuesday 9th February 2016.

KwaMuhle Museum, Bram Fischer Road [Ordnance Road] Durban.

Meeting commences at 17h30;

Served from 16:45 with a small admission charge of R20 to cover these.

Off Bram Fischer/Ordnance Road [next to the Museum]; security person is present.

Visitors are welcomed at SANS monthly meetings where many diverse aspects of history are examined by leading authorities. Often the audience participate in lively discussion afterwards.

SANS is also a social group so members and visitors get together well before the meeting and enjoy a light snack and glass of red – white or orange coloured drink all for the princely sum of R20.00.

For further information contact Hardy Wilson: 
Cel: 071 746 1007

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